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Time to continue the quest for leveling on GW2

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LeonDraconus said...
  • excited
I have no idea how far into the charr storyline i am, let alone know how much i have to go. That said, better not to know cause exploring will only get me so far, come ooooon expansion :D
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You should easily hit 80 before you finish exploring. Do events, do some crafting, throw in some dungeons, don't forget to res people, you get a lot of XP for that. Oh yes, resource gathering too. You'll be there before you know it, and have to explore low level maps, where the rewards don't hardly seem worth it.
Currently sitting around 62, maxed out cooking on advice, doing weaponsmithing while going through the story missions. Will do the resource gathering when i'm wandering around.
I'm at ~75% complete on exploration. I hit 80 a really long time ago, I think within a month or 2 of release. I know I did all my exploring on maps rated for my level or higher. It was often very difficult, and when I revisit them I am surprised at how easy they are now. Dan & I where talking last night & he said he took his Ele from level 70 to level 80 in just a few hours by farming dragons. There is a schedule of when they show up somewhere on the web. It's basically every 3 hours. My guildies and I where able to hit all 3 last night. Not much time in between though.
Yeah I finally hit lvl 80, stuck on the bugged charr question where you need to use a tank, so till that gets fixed or i get a bunch of people together to assist me, its exploring time!
What level are you right now? What I did to get lvled was 100% clear each map I entered and made sure to get the dailys done. Depending on your level you can actually start running dungeons. You will level fast if you do that. I think AC is the first and lowest level dungeon. lvl 30-35
I managed to get to lvl 80 through cooking , weapon smithing and armor smithing, which set me up nicely for decent gear, onto the very last quest, kill the dragon....which yeah...probably won't be done anytime soon, give the difficulty, and lack of guild people around.
@LeonDraconus Have you been able to get your hands on any of the dungeon gear yet? It helps out a good amount. Plus you can rig them up with some good Supreme runes and you get some nice bonuses. Almost done with my gear.. just have 3 pieces to go.
The dungeons are very challenging in explorer if you are just at level. If you have a good team they are achievable though. I would suggest to be sure you have someone on the team who knows the tricks for the dungeon you are doing. Otherwise they can be frustrating and expensive in terms of equipment repairs. I agree though, you can level quickly. I forgot to mention that I was doing dungeons all allong on my way to level 80, primarily TA. My engineer is at level 46 as of last night! I've got to catch her crafting up so I can make her new armor. I'll probably do that tonight.
Story mode dungeons are not that hard though. I would suggest you do the story modes as they open up to you. I need to go to CM on my Engineer.

P.S. I have full TA armor on my necro, but I wind up using my crafted Magic Find armor almost all the time instead. The AR is the same. I only break out my TA armor when I'm in a dungeon with a team that is not doing well. Or sometimes when trying to get a team.
@TamaraLane TA is my sht... That is my main dungeon.. since i want the stats a certain set in the list of gear has. BUT.. after I get those.. i have to go and do some CE because I want to get the runes for my gear form that dungeon since the stats they give work better for me than condition damage that comes on the TA gear.
Ta is so far the most difficult Dungeon I have done. If you know it well enough you could always join a speed run team. I don't really enjoy speed runs myself. It becomes to much like a job & not enough like imagining that I am a necromancer fighting the nightmare. It's a fast way to get gear though. I only did 1 or 2 speed runs while getting my gear, choosing instead to only do 1 or 2 paths a night. speed runs could net you 240 blooms a day, making it pretty fast to get armor. I got my staff from CoF but I may go back to TA & get another from there. We where running a lot of HOTW for a while too, but now mostly AC or FOTM. I'm rebuilding my guild so we have less experienced players than we used to. I've kinda chilled on the dungeons for the moment. I think I have enough tears to get a set of armor though. I've only done CE maybe 5 or 6 times. It's starting to get harder to find normal runs, I always ask, and if I find myself in a SC group I will try to leave before they start.
@TamaraLane I am pretty new to dungeons still and I haven't really seen them all yet. I mainly run TA and AC since it seems everyone generally asks about those. I have tried CM but that place, to me, is annoying. It's all the snipers and the guns and since most of the mobs are ranged if i even get agro for enough time for them to snipe me.. it happens and the dmg is out of control. Luckily my guild is pretty good for finding dungeon groups. I have to do CE after my last 2 TA pieces are attained. I'll focus on the cosmetics later once I get my stats how I feel I want them. he way my guy is set up now.. I had an 80% crit chance yesterday with gear and some food. I felt pretty good :3
@stealthnice Unfortunately people don't have a lot of patients for doing normal runs. Knowing the tricks is essential, What mobs you can skip etc. The thing I hate about speed clears is that people get in to big of a hurry & seem to forget to communicate and take care of other members of the team. I am always amazed at how few people will help an ally rally too! Last dungeon run I felt like a nurse, spending all my time rezing people lol. I may have to give in & do SC runs. IDK.
Hit 55 on my engineer. Looks like her next armor upgrade will be at 60, then I can add all her MF runes.
@TamaraLane haha yea I know what you mean. I hate it when that happens. You spend so much time with ppl dying because ppl arent communicating correctly for a run section. It happens sometimes but usually when there is a new comer in the group that has not doene dungeons and they aren't reading the chat before acting. I'm almost done with my TA set now. Just the legs to go. After that I'm gonna run CE for the runes. :)
@stealthnice I need to take a look at all the medium Dungeon armor sets and choose one for my Engineer. Looks like she is going to be my next 80. She has the Mohawk with Cornrows hairdo. She looks like a tough girl, so she needs an armor set to match that personality.
haha.. hmm.. maybe.. and this is off of the top of my head so it may not be the right dungeon but try the CF gear .. i looked and to me at least it looks like the most bad ass medium set :)
You mean CoF? That looks decent on the male, but the female version seems kinda yucky.
aww that's right... i didn't see the female version. I think i only scrolled down enough to se ethe male set. Sry =( but yea if you were able to get that one for the female that would be about what I assumed you would be looking to get. Hopefully I can get my TA set done this week. I just had a lot of things going on and havent played as much as I want to play.
I found a good image that shows most of them. http://imageshack.us/f/715/mediumarmorwithnamesfin.jpg/ Ive had quite a few of them already Her latest set is the Rascal I like it from the front, but the back is a bit funky. I've had the Nobel, that look can be crafted, the pirate, swindler, Leather (Placeholder?), Rogue, Duelist, Superior Studded, Rawhide, and Outlaw Of these the only 2 that are not long coat armors are the cultural or the leather, and those a both pretty racy. I may just wind up wearing the Krytan. The Mist Walker, conquest and Gunners look the most interesting to me ATM. The Duelist is pretty cute. But isn't really elite at all :(
Well can't you always transmute the ones you like with your stats anyway? I actually didnt have a clue there were so many different looks in the game. I guess I haven't really looked at crafted gear at all much. I think once I get my TA set and then run CE for the runes and finish that, I'll look into an actual look I like and transmute.
I have transmuted MF armor on my necro. She has the TA set as well, but it was really a waste, because she always wears the MF armor, unless I'm in a dungeon with a team that is not doing well. Then I will switch to the TA armor to up her damage. Most of the time, I'm fine and I enjoy the benefits of the Magic Find bonus! Hopefully there will be new armors released with the expansions. I may just do MF and transmute her Krytan with it. That's what I've been doing so far, each armor I get, I wear until I'm tired of the look, then transmute it to Krytan lol! I keep forgetting to post some screenies of her, but I will soon, I promise!
haha, i'd like to see :) I just finished my TA set over the weekend and got to about lvl 70 or so in the story missions. I guess I'll try to get some CoE this week going finally and work on getting those runes. :) I haven't messed with MF and I don;t know if i will seeing as the whole magic find thing has been runined for me from playing diablo 3.. where MF doesnt mean shit no matter how much you have non.. unless they fixed it yesterday then it should still be bullshit as it was before i quit the game. :) I'm not saying it is bs on gw2.. but diablo 3 ruined it for me since it didnt even do much at all on that game.
The Magic find in GW2 does help. I need to get mine up higher though. When I party with people, they always think I'm incredibly lucky. I crafted a set of MF armor for Laspo, and he gets the most awesome stuff. His MF is well over 100% though. I forget exactly how high he has it.
haha.. That sounds good then. I forget exactly what purple was condiered.. is it Legendary? Do you have any purples yet? I'm just finally wearing all exotic for the most part.. only thing not exotic is my bag trinket but it's hard to fined them on the TP because there is no search option for them in the trinkets filter. :x
Not just exotic crafted armor, and dungeon armor. I've got some exotic drops & one ?purple? one. Looks kinda magenta to me... As a testament to MF working, I was doing Fractals last night on my level 60 engineer. It wasn't going smoothly, because we also had 2 20s in the party. I started out wearing my MF armor and got 4 golds in the first dungeon. During the second one I realized all my armor was being damaged, and I had got better armor during the run. I put on the new stuff, with no MF on it. I didn't get another gold for the entire run!
haha man.. then i guess it really does help out. I should try to make myself a little set decked out with MF. I'm not having muck luck on my CoE runs.. doesn't seem anyone likes to run that one and it's the place I need to get my runes from. I started playing DMC last night and i feel if I can't get any significant runs in i may put the game down for a while and explore DMC a bit more. It's pretty sad actually. :(
Look me up when you are on line & I will go with you if possible, (hours & whatever I'm doing permitting). I might could get some of my guildies to come along too.
You also might try http://www.gw2lfg.com/ I have heard it is very handy. I have not tried it yet myself. I can usually find a group, but I'm not picky about what dungeon I run really.
hey, alright, I will do that. I decided I may not even run it at all. I did yesterday and again it was tough to even get a group but I did get one formed. They all just quit so fast because of the new spawn rule in dungeons.. which is actually annoying me since if a tank or something gets killed basically it all falls down hill if ppl cant escape the boss we are fighting. I decided to buy the superior rune of the eagle. That was my goal anyway but the CpE runs were for the runes there which are the same but a bit less on bonus and with a full set you get some golem summon chance.. I rather the 5% increased damage when less than 50% hp with the eagle rune. :) I bought 3 last night.. I need to save up for 3 more.
Yeah the new rule may cause me to stop wearing my MF in dungeons. It's annoying, but I agree with anet on their motives. I get really sick of ppl that aren't team players in dungeons. Hopefully this new stuff will make it better somehow.
I know what you mean about team players though.. i just do't see how this solves it since even when wokring as a team ppl die.. and having to let the full party wipe or run to get out of battle for ppl to respawn or to res them is a pain in the @ss. :( I did, however, finish my build :) Got all the TA gear and upgraded my armor runes to the superior rune of the eagle.. got the superior rune that gives you the 25 stacks of perception (10 each stack) on one dagger and my shortbow, and the superior rune of accuracy (+5% crit dmg) on the other dagger. :) I have all of the exotic jewelry i need but one thing I do want to get to finish it off for now is at least a pretty decent exotic back piece. I'll probably look for that later when I get home.
Yeah but it should help with the people that are too busy to help you rally, even though you have helped them multiple times, then talk crap cause they where the last one standing.Maybe, then on the other hand, douche bags will be douche bags.
haha yea, good thing is the guys I run with are usually the same circle of ppl but once in a while I have had those ppl.. I just rmemeber not to run anything with them anymore. I finally finished my build so I'm thinking of what set I'd like to transmute my gear to look like. I have to finish the story too.. I'm on the lvl 80 main mission so we will see how that goes. I'm trying to finish the map but so far I'm up to 67% or so. That's what it was in my memory the last time I checked.
I was working on map completion on Tam too, but I got distracted messing with new toons. I should probably get back to it.
haha yea.. I actually checked again and I'm at 72%. Not bad.. I need to finish it since I got this far. I got started with the lvl 80 Main mission yesterday but before I got into it I was invited out to run some dungeons.. haha so I got distracted with that instead. :)
Happens all the time! Well mostly when I decide I want to do something in particular. When I am just like "whatever" Nobody wants to do anything.
haha I need to at least make an effort to finish it today. I completely blew off GW2 last night and played DmC instead :) I got Dead Space 3 as well and I'm itching to play that one now. I feel that GW2 gametime will be dwindeling.. which is fine to me since I played the game for like 2-3 months straight.
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